Today is 24/7

Hye, I’m back aliens.

Y’know what, 5 months of holiday is genuinely good but sometimes it puts you in boredom. I rarely bored because I know there are so much to learn, so much to discover, so much to explore but right now I have plenty of time and I strongly want to kill them. Watchaa! So aku pun tulis la blog balik. Haha

Within this one year, I
 1.finished my foundation in puncak alam and Alhamdulillah I was gratified with the result
2.finished nihon-go class B and rewarded as zero-absent-student by sensei (^^,) But still nihon go aku tak power maciam dak dak yang bebetul zero absent.
3.learned how to make macarroon, frittata, curry bun, roti canai etc etc ありがとうおかあさん。
4.Met awesome people specially Justina and nihongo classmates.
5.Joined ALFS bazaar in Tokyo, representing Malaysia. Bunyik macam gempak padahal gua dok jadi tugu negara senyum ala ala lisa surihani, pass brochure then I'm done bole balik tanam jagung.
6.celebrating Ramadhan in Tokyo, insyaAllah Eid Ul Fitr too.
7.wore kimono and yukata for the first time. Bak kata Zul aku jadi muslimah kimono gitu :)
8.I don’t remember
9.I don’t have any idea
10.Same as above

This Sept, insyaAllah I’ll be in University Malaya to catch my dream, hold it and make it comes true. みんあがんばりましょう!